What kind of writer are you?


Although the popularity of ebooks is on the rise, the sad fact is that the popularity of books is declining. We can spend hours staring at our smartphones or television sets, but we can’t spare much time for reading books.

However, the interesting thing is that although the readers are lessening, the writers are increasing. If I look at my own Facebook friend list, it seems to me that India now has more writers than readers! I guess, it can safely be called the Chetan Bhagat effect that’s inspiring so many young people to become novelists.

All of us writers might be chasing dreams and weaving realities into the thread of fiction, but we all are different in our own way. InstaScribe shows this difference in a very interesting infographic.

So what do you think? What kind of writer are you?

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6 thoughts on “What kind of writer are you?”

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the message.
      Humility is always an adorable virtue, especially in those who have all the right to be proud. 🙂

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