Taking The Leap

The Fool card of Tarot

If you are familiar with the Tarot cards, you’d know that the first card in the Tarot deck is called The Fool. It represents the beginning of life journey.

I’m not an expert at Tarot, but I do have an app on my Android phone that has tarot cards. And it tells me that when The Fool appears, it is time for a new adventure. It tells me to have an open mind and not have any assumptions about how the journey ahead is going to proceed. “Anything could happen if you leave room for possibilities. Trust in the universe to keep you safe, then take the leap into the unknown!”

While not fearing the future and making assumptions about the future is rather hard, I have still decided to follow the advice of The Fool. That is, I have decided to take the leap into the unknown and to trust in the universe to keep me safe.

Yes, I’m going to take a daring leap and attempt what till now I had always considered too bold and risky a step and one needing efforts and resources that I felt were beyond my reach.

But the world is changing rapidly. And I have decided to try and swim with the new tide and see where it leads and how well it can support me.

I have decided to self publish my second novel LEMON GIRL.

My first novel Dream’s Sake was traditionally published. And it was a great experience. It did not just give me many moments of thrill and jubilation, but also many new friends, a very pleasing sense of confidence in my writing abilities and many useful lessons about the business of being an author.

But, being a tech blogger, I know very well how fast the world is changing and how rapidly various technological innovations are altering the way we live. Even the world of publishing is changing. Because readers’ habits and preferences are changing. More and more people are now preferring ebooks over physical copies of books. I am one of these too. In last two years, I have purchased barely three or four physical books. Whereas I have downloaded close to hundred on my smartphone and tab.

Also, while once the phrase ‘self published’ was considered synonymous with inferior quality books and authors who had failed at acquiring publishing contracts, today it has almost become a trend. Of course, being published by ‘big’ publishers is still the dream of every writer. But I find more and more people advocating self-publishing compared to giving up one’s beloved creation to smaller publishers who have not the means to give the book any greater chance of success, while still taking up all the rights of the book from the author.

Also, while surfing the net, I came across many authors who chose self publishing because of the freedom it offered them. I too have always liked having control over my work, doing things the way I liked them. No wonder then that the more I read about self publishing, the more it tempted me.

And finally, I decided to take the leap and see for myself how it worked.

I already know the benefits and limitations of traditional publishing. Time to check the other route now. Although, I know well that while getting published would be easier on this road, the journey would get harder and harder once the book gets published. Yes, self publishing maybe the easy route to get published, but it isn’t without its hardships. In fact, becoming a known writer through this route is even harder. I know that well.

But then, I also know that getting traditionally published is no guarantee of success either. And as the popularity of ebooks increase, the odds of success on both routes are quickly leveling up. Of course, the brick and mortar book stores still hold value. But they are no longer absolutely necessary for a book to reach the hands of readers.

The important thing is to have a good book. And since past two years, I have done all I could to make my second novel worth the readers’ time. Yes, two years is how long it took me to feel that I have done all I could with it with my present abilities, knowledge and skill. I have also had the book critiqued by a literary agent. And finally, I feel, the book is ready for the readers.

Yes, my LEMON GIRL is ready to step out and face the world!

And so I have gathered my courage, gathered all the information I could about self publishing, gathered all the good wishes I could from my loved ones… and have decided to take the leap.

May the winds of destiny favour my flight and help my dreams soar to success.

 And so, I’d like to introduce you all to my second novel…my LEMON GIRL!

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