Low Light Heroes

In the past few days, there are such events taking place in India that make even watching news a traumatic experience. And news channels seem to like focusing on such sensational news. It is also easy to suspect that they deliberately turn trivial into sensation for their profit.

However, the world is not all bad. And even in the darkest night, there are numerous lights that glimmer on to illuminate the paths of others.

Some such stories are being brought to light by ASUS through their initiative called Low Light Heroes. Of course, the aim behind this initiative is to promote the ASUS brand. But the reason I’m writing about this initiative here is that it brings to light the stories of those people whose deeds revive one’s hope for humanity. At a time when people are killing others, damaging property and ruining lives just to prove themselves backwards and demand charity, there are many people asking for nothing and going out of their way to help others even at odd hours. The stories of such people deserve to be heard.

The following video brings to light the stories of some such people. If you too know someone whose story you would like to get featured in Low Light Heroes, you can send their story through WhatsApp messages at +91 7718831611.

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