Lemon Girl Wins Appreciation from Bestselling Author Kevin Cooper

Lemon Girl novel

This week has been really awesome in the way of winning more love and appreciation for Lemon Girl. First, it received a five star review on Halo of Books. And today, I was overjoyed when I was sent the link to Lemon Girl’s review on the blog of Kevin Cooper, a best selling author and songwriter of international acclaim. .

What’s best is that Kevin loved the book so much that he is going to nominate it for his annual Diamond Book Awards!

If you haven’t read the book yet, do check it out. Lemon Girl is available as paperback on amazon.in and Flipkart. It is available as ebook in all popular formats. You can find all the availability links HERE

2 thoughts on “Lemon Girl Wins Appreciation from Bestselling Author Kevin Cooper”

    1. Hi,
      Yeah, Kev’s rating for the Lemon Girl made me feel so proud of myself. It’s appreciative comments like his that make being a writer worthwhile.
      I hope you’d enjoy Lemon Girl too.

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