First Review of Lemon Girl on Goodreads

“I loved the book and here is one author who doesn’t write to sell. ‘Lemon Girl’ is a must read. 3.5/5” from the review of Lemon Girl by Parikhit, a member of Indian Readers group on

Reviews of my novel Lemon Girl have finally started coming in. Till now, I had only got informal messages on Facebook and mail. But finally a formal review. And what can be more delightful for an author to read such words of appreciation as these? Parikhit may be strict in rating a book. But his words are enough to make me enjoy the experience of floating on the seventh heaven!

Here’s the full review by Parikhit:

review of Lemon Girl

Lemon Girl is available as paperback in India and as ebooks in various formats worldwide. The availability details and first 12 chapters of Lemon Girl as preview are available here.

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