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Author Jyoti Arora speaking at Thalassemia Day

The world has many pleasures, many gifts from the Almighty to make our life easy and pleasurable. Still, it’s not really an easy place to live in. And the life seldom appears fair. There are troubles, hardships and evil at every turn. If you think about the news you read in newspapers or hear about on radio or television, it’s full of negativity. Almost all the reports are of the bad things, the crimes, the frauds, the accidents, disasters, deaths.

And yet, we all know, that as grim as the picture may appear from such media reports, there really are many brighter moments in life and people, events, places, situations that can fill your heart with optimism and happiness. Such stories rarely get the focus they deserve in news media.

But there are people and organizations who know the value of such positive stories and are working hard to make them popular. One such website is The Better India. Every day it shares several stories full of resolve, determination, success, hope and humanity.

I have been following the posts of The Better India since several past months. A dose of positivity is so essential to keep oneself motivated, right? And such positivity is what The Better India provides.

And today, I find myself a part of it too! Yes, my story too has been found worthy of being featured on it. Do check it out HERE

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