You Came Like Hope – You never read a novel with this theme before

You Came Like Hope - novel by Jyoti Arora

As per a recent UN report, Indian wives rank third in the world for abusing and beating their husbands.

Shocking, right?

Domestic abuse is not one sided. And women are not always the victims, no matter how well they play the victim card.

But tell me this, when was the last time you saw news where a man was victim of domestic violence or a fake case filed by wife or girlfriend? Never, most probably. Because such cases aren’t sensational enough to attract the limelight of media. Most of the time, they attract more ridicule than sympathy.

In my second novel Lemon Girl, I raised a cry for women. I protested against the rising crimes against women in India and the mentality of victim blaming.

Being a woman, my sympathies may always favour the women more. But being a novelist, I can’t be prejudiced. It is a writer’s duty to keep an open mind. If there are two sides of a problem, you can’t just focus on one and ignore the other.

So, in You Came Like Hope, I have tried to show ‘the other side’. In this book, you’ll find a different kind of abuse and victim blaming. An issue which may not be popular with the news channels, but is widespread enough for even Supreme Court to take notice and make efforts to protect men from women.

‘Protect men from women,’ did these words make you smile? That’s how ingrained gender prejudices are in our mind. One way or the other, we all are guilty of harboring these prejudices. In You Came Like Hope, I’ve tried to see through these prejudices and show that the fairer sex in not always quite fair.

But don’t let the serious theme mislead you into thinking You Came Like Hope is a grim and dark book. It is a romance with a beautiful love-story waiting to warm your heart! I hope you’ll enjoy it ?

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