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Reviews of You Came Like Hope

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Infantina, blog Periodical Gazette:

You came like hope is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride. This is a love story of two sensitive people .I will not say you must read this book for I found this novel very rewarding to my soul but I will say if you read it you will learn something about how misfortunes can make people life hell. I dedicate this review to all those innocent souls who consider themselves as unlcuky. I got myself immersed in the characters that felt so real.

I can guarantee whoever buys this novel will never be disappointed. One will be surprised to find as if they have met such characters in real.

Shweta Kesari (WordCurd):

In this era, where humongous books publishing each day, where every second book serves the same content, I found something different in Jyoti’s latest release ‘You Came Like Hope.’ The way Jyoti presented this story it came out way fluid, and I was just caught in the moments it was knitted swiftly. There’s a story in the book that can sound delicious to many ears, and on top of that, the way it is being told does the rest of the work. There was no escape from this book once I started it.

Vidhya Thakkar:

The story started at a slow pace then picking up the grip. It was just a perfect pace. The tempo of the story is also good, full of twists and turns. I loved the characters. I fell in love with Adih’s character. The author justified each and every character well, everyone had its own importance. The author has written this story beautifully, one can easily connect with the story. The relationship that two sisters shared, cousin’s bond, parents behavior, regaining confidence etc the emotions that were described beautifully. The pace somewhere was slow but the curiosity to know what will happen next made me read this book till the end. I loved the way the book started. The author left no stone unturned to make this story an interesting read. Adih and Mani’s equation, Rashmi and Peehu’s equation were my favourite. Overall, it’s a good engaging, fiction story that one must read.

The amazing plot, strong characters, simple and connecting language makes this story worth a read.

I would recommend everyone to read it!!

Book Boozer:

The novel portrays a perfect blend of many emotions at once.  Love, trust, jealousy, insecurity, fears and most importantly hope! I have read many novels but You Came Like Hope is one of a kind.

Arti Honrao, blog Straight from the Heart:

The cover is attractive and the title of the book is relevant to the story.

The story began at a perfect pace, slowed down just a bit and then picked up speed again.

The author has done justice to all the characters of the Novel (each mentioned in the blurb of the book); she’s described a scene well, dealt with the emotions of the characters beautifully. The story flow is good; slightly slow for a few chapters as mentioned before but for the rest of the book it’s smooth.

The language is simple and impressive, almost poetic at places. I did manage to find a couple of typos (could not resist) but you can overlook them, with due respect to what the author has to offer. Other than those couple of typos, the editing is almost flawless.

Mahathi Ramya A, Fantastic Feathers:

I like the characters of Peehu and Adi. They are really fighting with their emotions to get over their past. The character of the little girl Mani is very good and motivating. The character of Uday is very real too with jealous, smartness, hatred and with an ambition to become a successful enterpreneur. The narration kept me glued to the book until the end and the words flew easily between chapters and scenes connecting them well.

The cover of the book is simple and the title is relevant to the story. The pace is just right and romance is subtle. I recommend this to fiction lovers who enjoy some real characters.

James Dyar:

Played my heart like a violin.

While I’m the first to admit i wasn’t cognizant of some of the subtext in this book, the true message came across loud and clear. some of the similes were a little weak, but it was excellent down to the last word. well done.

Mica Rich:

I was hooked on this story from the very beginning. It is so full of color and deep and rich in emotion. I couldn’t put it down!

Sweety Shinde:

Overall it’s a quick, pleasant, absorbing and enjoyable read. It strikes the right emotional cords. It succeeds in making the reader root fervently for the lead pair. It dares to deal with a highly relevant topic in today’s world of concocted slurs and guilty-until-(& even if)- proven-innocent social judgement.


At a glance, You Came Like Hope by Jyoti Arora is the love story between Peehu and Adih. As the protagonists, both their characters are well developed through their past and present stories. The both have some experiences in their pasts that stops them from taking a chance with each other. While the focus remains on how they work through their personal issues, we also learn about a few people in their lives and their struggles.

The book offers much more to the reader once they take a chance with it. In disguise of a love story, the book provides insights to domestic abuse and how even men can fall victim to it. While the truth about crimes against women is horrifying, no one talks about how even men can fall as a prey within the confines of his own home.

The author done an incredible job of telling a wonderful story.

Devika Ramados, Reach Through Words:

Two people who have dark past life meets at a point. Author intelligently portrayed the relationship where two of them didn’t fall for each other out of pity. Peehu reminds of girls we meet in our day to day life. Aadhi in turn is quite unusual person and that made me to like his character. Uday was genuine with his ways,Couldn’t confine him as an antagonist.

The book was a quick read but obviously gave warmth to the heart. This story travelled so smoothly as there were no drastic emotions or scenes like other stories.It’s a pure romantic novel.

Overall, You came like hope will give us a hope towards life,love and trust.

Sarath Babu:

The story is bit complicated but when you start concentrating on this, you will understand the nuances in a better way. It may not be interesting to all but having said that this is not an ordinary story for sure.


A fast paced quick read, this is a love story narrated in a simple style that can go a long way in giving you hope.

Akanksha Sharma:

“A tear may not weigh much on a scale, but it is heavy enough to crush a heart under its load.”

This excerpt from the book is exactly what I felt after reading the book. The story revolves around Peehu, Pakhi, Adih, Uday, and Mani. Pakhi and Peehu though both are twin sisters are two different personalities. Pakhi a confident and charming girl who receives success at every point of her life,whereas Peehu is a completely opposite. The plot twist is incredible! All the twists and turns were worth a million dollar! The simple language and first person narrative makes it really easy and engaging for the reader. Each and every character was well developed and the I never lost interest while reading. This book is worth a shot!

Vishal Bheeroo:

Jyoti Arora’s You came like Hope is about the dichotomy of love and identity, unpeeling the layers in the female character and explores to depth the contrasts and similarities at the same time. ‘You came like Hope’ is a very contemporary love story and beautifully tapping the identity of a woman, ego trip, guilt while offering a unique interpretation on the complexity of relationships. You came like Hope is a light read and is a refreshing tale in tapping the various emotions of love, angst, pain and shaming a woman where Peehu is a hell of character which is endearing and complex at the same time. Peehu is the opposite of Adih but both make the perfect combination. Jyoti Arora has beautifully concocted a different love story where the character of a woman is explored in a wholesome manner that makes it a winner. You came like Hope is a refreshing love triangle to read this season.

Deepika Sidana:

“You Came Like Hope”by Jyoti Arora is a sensitive, emotional and romantic story. The title is relevant to the story and it feels absoluetly real, as though I ‘m reading someone’s actual real Life story…

Over the course of novel, Peehu undergoes a definite transformation…Sometimes all u have to do is to decide, then stick to that decision..Same peehu did …

I appreciated Jyoti Arora for showing and explaining each and every character in a decent way..

I give the book 5 stars. I recommend this to fiction lovers who enjoy some real characters….❤❤❤❤

Ranjitha Mudradi:

You came like by Jyothi Arora,is a sensitive, emotional story which can make the reader connected to the story,I like the way author had portrayed every detail to the charachters,The language is simple and lucid..I enjoyed while reading and sometimes while reading makes the reader think.. overall I can say it’s a beautiful love story, I will recommend this book to everyone..My rating for this book is 4.7

Purba Chakraborty: 

A beautiful springtime read~ It will make you feel the beauty of spring after the cold winter.

The writing is lucid. The author managed to keep the reader on his/her toes in the first half of the book. Although things get predictable in the second half of the book, I did not mind because of the way the author has narrated the story. I am going with 4 stars and would like to recommend the book to anyone who wants to read a beautiful romance. A great read in this spring season!

Ravish Mani

You came like hope is out and out a love story that is set in the backdrop of a serious social issue in which woman is a perpetrator not a victim.

The book deals with many shades of love. The author has an excellent understanding of love, especially the romance. She beautifully showed the visible and invisible signs of love through the characters in the book. She tried her best to encompass every minutest thing that one feels when in love. Let me quote a line from the book to make it clear, “I had my back to him so I could not see him. But he could see me, and the tingling sensation at the back of my neck told me he did it often enough.”

The author is good at expressing emotions. Her words are evocative. She writes in an easy to understand language. The narration is tight. The pace of the book is also good. It’s neither fast nor slow.

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