Be Your Own Santa Claus, Because You Deserve It.

Santa Claus

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Everybody needs a Santa Claus in their life. A kind and loving person to bring them happiness, reward their goodness and make them feel loved.

People are difficult, life is challenging, and dreams require a hard chase. Caught in the struggle of managing all these, we need to feel that it is worth it because someone appreciates our efforts. Someone cares for who we are. Someone wants to see us happy.

Perhaps, that’s why we love Santa Claus so much. Religion has got nothing to do with it. Santa is loved because he makes people feel loved. We all need that, the feeling of being loved and cared for.

We may very well expect others to bestow this care, love and appreciation on us. But the others are often too busy in running their own race, or just don’t care enough. Maybe, there’s nobody there at all to go out of their way just to make you smile.

After all, it’s not easy to be a Santa Claus.

Just think, he is a man who is forever old and forever fat. He has a job that demands him to race around the world to finish his work within a strict deadline. Often he has to squeeze through narrow and unfriendly chimneys to fulfill his duty. Kids from around the world send him all kinds of demands, and he’s expected to fulfill them all. He never gets a change of clothes. Nobody ever thinks of giving him presents in return. His home is in the frigid North Pole. He hasn’t even been able to upgrade his automobile yet and still travels around the world in a sleigh hundreds of years old. One might think that was enough to turn anyone cranky.

But Santa is jolly. He knows that life is hard, but making people happy is still worth it. When he laughs, he makes people smile. He is also a reminder to kids to be good, because goodness gets rewarded. He symbolizes the belief in magic. When he comes, he brings happiness along. He comes with the message that it is great to be merry, it is greater to make others merry by sharing your love.

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So share your love with open heart. And if you don’t have anyone to share it with, go ahead and lavish it on yourself. You deserve it. If you feel you have no Santa Claus in your life, be your own Santa.

No, that isn’t easy either. In fact, it is even harder than being a Santa Claus for someone else. Because being a Santa doesn’t just mean giving gifts. Being a Santa means believing that if you do good, you will get what you want. Being a Santa means believing in miracles. Being a Santa means staying happy and sharing happiness, no matter what. Not just on Christmas, but every day.

Caught in the race of life, we often forget to give priority to the one person we are most responsible for – ourselves. But the Self needs care, love and appreciation. If you feel you have no ‘Santa’ to give these to you, or even if you have one, you gotta be your own Santa.

Believe in your dreams, just as tenaciously and lovingly as kids believe in their beloved Santa. Life is full of magic. Anything can happen, just believe and hold on to your hopes.

Believe that goodness gets rewarded. Maybe not at once, but it will get rewarded one day, filling your life with happiness.

Laugh with an open heart. Because no matter how hard your life is, you still deserve to be merry. In the hard race of life, find moments to be happy, and allow yourself to enjoy them fully.

Share your love, with others and with yourself, by doing something special. Something different, something out of the way. Surprise yourself. Our life often becomes a slave of routine. Try and take a moment out of this routine, just to fill your heart with a happy memory and your eyes with the glitter of fun.

Pamper yourself, you deserve it. It is true that Santa is not just about gifts. But gifts do count! Don’t hesitate in pampering yourself with gifts. Trust me, gifts work wonderfully well to cheer you up when you are feeling gloomy and down. And you know what’s the best kind of gift? Some thing that you may not need, but desire to possess in the secrecy of your heart. Something that you know will bring a smile on your lips. In short, gift yourself a smile.

Be your Santa. Because you need it, and you deserve it.

Seasons greetings

Stay happy, feel blessed

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