A True Book Lover

I saw this image on Pinterest, and it was this beautiful image that inspired the following post. (Image from: http://www.heatherleechan.com/watercolors.html)


No matter what colourful beauty lies in surrounding, a true book lover finds heaven only within white pages covered in black print 🙂

Ah, and as far as my experience goes, no matter how late in the night it is, a book lover can NOT go to sleep without reading at least one page of a book. And  that one page cannot end before the chapter is over, of course. And even then, a true book lover can’t help taking a little peek into the next chapter as well.

Really, love of reading is a major sleep disorder in itself. And if you ponder over it, you’ll realize that this sleep disorder has two different effects. When induced by study books, it makes you fall asleep when you shouldn’t. And when induced by books of interest, it keeps you awake even when you, really, absolutely, necessarily, must go to sleep!

But then, when such a sleep deprived book lover does finally fall asleep,  you cannot imagine what wonderful dreams follow! Because a good book has a magic powerful enough to follow the reader even in sleep and populate the sleeper’s dreams with its characters, plots and situations, even if these find it rather hard to keep intact their original shape or structure in the rapid and confused flow of those dreams.

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3 thoughts on “A True Book Lover”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Jyoti. It’s especially hard putting a book down at night, when you know you need to sleep to be in time for work the next morning. Life has such harsh tradeoffs, I tell you! 😀

    1. Oh, yeah. I work till 2 am. Often it’s even 3 am by the time i settle down in bed. And still, a peek into a book (in my smartphone, that is) is an absolute must! ‘ten minutes only,’ I restrict myself before beginning to read, but then, well, you know the story 😀

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